Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rats, Rats and Double Rats!

Well, CD1 finally arrives and I call my clinic to make an appointment. I'm supposed to make an appointment for Day 3 of the cycle, Saturday, except... my doctor isn't there on Saturday. I can see another doctor if I want...

Hmmm - no, I'd prefer to see the doctor who has done my previous cycles with me and knows how my body reacts. I'm very aware of the statistical failure rate of IVF and I don't blame the doctor when it doesn't work.

My doctor's not in til Monday. Make an appointment which will put me on cycle day 5. B*ggery rats.

This isn't the end of the world however, as next weekend and the start of next week is a national holiday called Sollal. It's Chinese New Year and it is one of two times a year when Korean actually *stops* (think Christmas). In terms of dates, that would probably mean that the point where I would need to be monitored regularly and triggered would be during this holiday. It might even mean that egg retrieval would fall on the holiday. Chances are the clinic wouldn't be operating properly at this time.

I shall go to my Monday appointment with questions in mind about what we can do differently this cycle to hopefully make it work. Question number 1: What are you going to change in the treatment plan this time around? Question number 2: Is there any possibility to try to take any embryos to Day 5?

I'm also not sure whether to ask to increase the stimms dose to try to make as many eggs as possible as we would have more frozen embryos.

Any other questions I could ask? Bearing in mind that I've already been through one frozen and one fresh and so I don't need to ask about procedural stuff.


Joey said...

Good for you that you've thought about what questions to ask. I hate getting into the Doc's office and having my mind go black about everything I wanted to ask about. Holiday or not, I hope this cycle is successful!


China Doll said...

I think those would be my main questions too. Thinking of you for this cycle xx

Anonymous said...

If I remember it right they only do the short protocol which you also preferred. but yeah, the dosage of the stimms and really if they have any other suggestions at all would be things to ask.
Crappy timing though..

Sara said...

Ugh about the scheduling. I think you're right about Seollal, though. It's probably all for the best in the end.

I think you've got the main questions covered. Good luck!

Kat said...

I hope so; I'm a bit disappointed not to be able to start but I think that I would be extra stressed if I knew the clinic was closed for three days during the cycle (considering the high monitoring approach I'm used to).

Ang M said...

My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that they have understandable, straightforward answers for you. And that they are answers you like =) Will be thinking of you on Monday.