Monday, 16 January 2012

A successful appointment

Today's appointment in bullets, as it's nearly 11pm and I just got home from work:

  • Dr K said he had expected to 'make it easily' the previous cycles, and he seemed sorry it wasn't the case.
  • I was very determined and remembered all my questions.
  • We're going to down-reg for 2 weeks (or so) before starting stimms. He says it will suppress my natural hormones and hopefully stop my period from coming so early. Also I assume I will be on aspirin and whatever the other drugs were last time.
  • The best bit: We can go for 5 day embryos! Obviously it depends on whether the embryos make it that far, but as I thought the clinic only did 3 day transfers I'm very, very pleased with this.
  • Go back on Feb 1st for an ultrasound to check for ovulation and start downregging.
I still don't feel confident that we will get pregnant, but I'm happy with how this appointment went.


JustHeather said...

Glad to hear this appointment was good. Yay for a fresh start and keeping my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are happy with the outcome. A change might be a winner. I think infertility rips any confidence we ever had. And not just about getting pregnant. I know I'm less confident in myself because of this horrid journey. Best wishes for February..xx

Sara said...

Yay! Change is good. I'm glad you have a new plan for a new year.

China Doll said...

Glad the appointment went well... the changes in the protocol sound promising and great that they can do day 5 transfers :) xx

Ang M said...

Glad the appointment went well! hoping with all my might things will go differently this time with all the changes being made.

Watching early episodes of Gavin and Stacey this afternoon while knitting, and missing you gazillions. Take care *hugs*

knitting vixen said...

This sounds like a good plan. From what I can gather, for ladies of our age with "normal" hormone levels, DR is the best way to go. As your clinic says, it re-sets your body and gives them a blank slate to start with.

5 day embryo transfer is also the best. When they have 7 good embryos they can't choose the best one, leaving them for a couple of extra days shows them the clear front runner which is why succes rates are better for blasto.

I am sure you know all of this, but I have my FC that on this protocol you will get your BFP. It just tips things a little more in your favour (my clinic said on blasto transfer success is 40-50% as opposed to 30% for 3dt).

Good luck.

Kat said...

Thanks everyone! I just hope we get embryos that make it to Blasto!!

knitting vixen said...

I am sure you will Kat. If you remember I panicked because they thought I only had 5 follies. If your eggs are good quality then you will get to blasto. Eat lots of protein!

I really hope it happens for you this time and will keep everything crossed for you. Third time lucky!