Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Fertility Blanket

Last week I mentioned a knitting project I am working on, quite superstitiously, during this IVF cycle.

It is a pattern published in Stitch'n bitch Superstar Knitting, which I got for Christmas. The pattern is called 'Fertility Blanket' which of course got my attention. The pattern author is Pamela Grossman and you can visit her blog here.

The design is called a Fertility Blanket because, well, the lace pattern looks kind of like 'lady bits.' While I'm obviously not going to have a baby the old fashioned way, I like having this project to work on during this cycle.

I've taken some very bad pictures, but it's a slightly lighter green than the picture indicates. Green is a good fertility colour, so it seems appropriate.

I've still got at least 2 weeks left of this cycle, so I'm doing it slowly!

Two more days of stimms btw. Lead follicle at 1.4cm this morning.


China Doll said...

Really pretty blanket and a good idea to have a project to work on, particularly during the 2ww :) xx

Kelly said...

Wow! In love with the blanket! I am a crocheter so I need to find a 'fertility blanket' in a crochet pattern! What a great idea! Good luck this next 2 weeks!

Michele said...

Interesting pattern. Good luck this cycle

JustHeather said...

Love the blanket!
Good luck this cycle, slow but steady is just fine. :)

NewYearMum said...

What a great idea... wish I could knit. You've done an amazing job and hope it brings your cycle plenty of good luck and baby dust xoxo

Micha said...

Such a neat idea, I wish I could knit too!

Anonymous said...

I've met so many girls battling IF who knit, crochet or sew, I need some of this action! I love therapeutic activities. Mine are books and jigsaw puzzles. But you mess a puzzle up and you finish books, so I need something to resemble my efforts. The thing is, in my building where I live is a knitting shop, and I see women in there all the time sitting around tables chatting. Maybe that part isn't me, but the relaxed part, distraction is.

How does a beginner start? I used to knit kettle cosies and doll scarves when I was 8, do I go back to that?

Kat said...

I've only been knitting for about 6 months (though I did know when I was a child and have tried to revisit over the last few years).

I love knitting, and I find it very therapeutic. There are theories that it is quite meditative as you repeat the same action again and again.

If you don't already know how to knit, or you used to and you need a reca, first, I would suggest joining and search for easy patterns like scarves. The reviews will tell you how easy or difficult a pattern is. Unfortunately, the pretty things are often more difficult, but the more you practise the easier these things become! If you join Ravelry please look me up: my user name is ahssakat.

Like all things, the more you practise the easier it becomes. There are so many good videos on Youtube to help, and I find have really clear, easy to understand videos. I also have their knitting app.

Kat said...

Btw, I wish I could crochet @Kelly. I keep trying and it's a nightmare for me!

knitting vixen said...

Knitting Vixen likes very much. Impressive knitting for someone who's only really been doing it for 6 months.

I have been knitting for a couple of years now, I remember trying it as a child but I had no patience.

It is part of my life now. I read somewhere that it is like mediatation- as you knit any thoughts float in and straight out again. I definitely think it's very relaxing.

And I also find crochet hard, think it's because I learnt how to knit first!

knitting vixen said...

Tee- If you need a lesson and you don't know anyone who can show you, You Tube is great. There is a video for every technique on there. I still use it sometimes when I am asked to do some weird stitch I have never heard of!