Thursday, 2 February 2012

IVF 2 is go!


  • Yesterday's ultrasound showed I had ovulated.
  • Started on Progynova yesterday - apparently not downregging, instead working on keeping my lining in place during the 2ww. Not quite sure how this works, but then I'm not a fertility specialist.
  • Dr agreed that if embryos look dodgy on day 3 we can do a 3 day transfer instead of 5, but we're going to try for five.
  • Have to go back on day 2-3 of my next period to start stimms.
Nothing else to report at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Kat.. Hope it's the last cycle!


Ang M said...

My fingers are crossed for you *hugs*

Sara said...

Good luck!

Robert said...
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JustHeather said...

Good luck, Kat!