Monday, 20 February 2012

So close...

...but still not there yet!

I went in today expecting to be told that we'd be triggering tonight, but alas, not yet! Scan went quickly. My left ovary seems to resemble a garlic bulb cut in half, which I take to be a good sign. Very uncomfortable though. I feel super bloated.

Onto Dr K, who says we're not quite there. I had one more dose of Gonal-F this morning, at 225, rather than 150. None this evening (yay!) I also had the first cetrotide shot of this cycle which while it was stingy and itchy for an hour or so afterward was not as bad as last fresh cycle. In fact, the nurse did both my shots for me and I thought she had done the Gonal-F first because it didn't sting but actually it was the cetrotide. Weird, and interesting only to me, but still... Also, they did the thing again where they draw the remaining bits of Gonal-F out of the pens with a syringe and use that for the final dose. Love it, and money saving.

Oh - also money saving is the fact that when we looked through all the pens in the fridge last night (four btw - 3x900 and 1x300) it looks as though I missed a dose, as one of the pens still had loads of medicine left in it! Unless it was a random pen which had a lot more than 900 in it (unlikely), I definitely forgot to do one of the injections! We think it might have been on Thursday night, but can't remember for sure. Anyway, we weren't too worried as we'd seen Dr K since then. When we told him he just laughed and said it was one way to save money. Maybe that's one more reason why I've responded slowly.

Dr K says we're doing the retrieval Thursday morning, but we'll have to see for sure tomorrow. I guess trigger will be tomorrow night (Tuesday) and I'll have another cetrotide shot tomorrow morning. Wednesday might be injection free! But I'm not holding my breath on that one until I actually get instructions to trigger.

No idea how many follicles I have. I've got bored of trying to work it out. The biggest measurement today was 1.6 I think. Lining at 0.7mm I believe (though I can't quite remember).


Toni Rapp said...

You are very close! I am keeping my fingers crossed for an easy and smooth retreival.

Michele said...

That has got to suck to go in and think you are ready to go and to be put off for another few days. Sounds like things are going well regardless of this fact. Hope things continue going well for you this cycle.

JustHeather said...

Cool that they draw and combine all the vials of meds into one last big one.
You're getting there!