Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Things I am doing and not doing

Things I am doing so far this IVF cycle

  • taking Progynova (doctor prescribed).
  • taking Omega-3 (I was already taking it because my knees are terrible and the weather is really cold) I looked it up and it doesn't seem to hinder IVF and some studies suggest it might help a little. Also my skin is amazing right now because of it.
  • taking a multivitamin (because it has nearly everything in it including folic acid).
  • taking folic acid (I picked some up in the UK over Christmas) I don't care if it can increase the chances of multiple births. Surely that means it might help at least one embryo stick and develop well? Please.
  • making my husband take Omega-3 and the multivitamin which has zinc in it (studies suggest these are good for sperm).
  • knitting a green fertility blanket (more on this is in a later post.) I'm doing this slowly as I don't want to finish it before the cycle ends.
  • praying.

Things I am not doing (yet)
  • giving up caffeine (this happen definitely at ET, maybe before).
  • getting my hopes up.
  • telling anyone in real life except my manager and my best friend in Korea. Not even my mother this time. It hurts too much to have to say the words out loud if/when it fails. If you know me in real life and see my mother, don't say a word! My parents know we'll be trying again, but not when.


JustHeather said...

Liking your lists! I never gave up caffeine fully, but I was only drinking tea and I had switched to mostly green. My thought is so long as you aren't overdoing it, everything in moderation, eh? :)

Kat said...

I agree!

Kelly said...

Love the fact that you aren't giving up caffeine yet! I also am not giving up red wine. Maybe when we do our retreival I wil but until then...nope!

Can't wait to learn about the green fertility blanket. I love to crochet.

knitting vixen said...

I have never heard of folic acid causing multiples? At every fertility appointment I ever went to I got quizzed about whether I was taking it (as in I should be and would be mad if I didn't) because it reduces the chance of the baby having spina bifida. I also took a conception pre-natal. I thought it wouldn't hurt.

I also got my husband to take zinc- actually the combination I read about was high dose vitamin C and zinc- it's supposed to help morphology. I think it worked too. He started at stimms and when he gave his sample his morphology had gone from 5% to 11%! Hopefully this will work for you guys too.

I kept quiet about IVF except for one or two very close friends and my manager, I am still glad I did this. I don't know if I will ever share the fact with anyone else. Not sure if I want my fertility discussed by all and sundry!

Please can you explain about the ferility blanket? As I am sure you can imagine, I am very curious.