Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ladies! The language! My goodness...

First off, thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post. It makes me feel a hell of a lot better knowing that I'm not the only one pissed off about this complete failure of a cycle. Now onto my main comment:

The language! Call yourself 'ladies.' I don't think I've ever seen such swearing in the comments section of a blog. It was pretty funny to see comment after comment chock full of swear words (curse word for you people using N. Am. English). I was in the pub (wasting no time in the healing process, get back in the alcoholic saddle again as soon as the clock struck 5) doing an incredibly difficult (ergo boring) pub quiz when I checked my blog for comments. The first two had such filthy language I had to read them out to my husband. His comment was 'I'm glad I didn't tell my mother to read your blog.' It was excellent and really cheered me up. 

We didn't win the quiz. Sample question: If you drank red wine all night, what colour would your faeces be the next day? We wrote black. The answer was green. I dispute this.

After that we went to the noraebang for two hours, which is a private karaoke room. Usually it's the kind of place you go with groups of people (like for birthdays or work parties) but my husband and I both love singing so we occasionally go on our own and just sing whatever we want without having to share the microphone with other people. Last night we ended up specialising in 80s songs including Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf which is such an awesome song. I love Duran Duran.

Thanks to you guys, and a night out with dh I feel better. No decisions made as yet, but I'm meeting up with a fellow IF blogger later today to talk things through a bit. I needed to talk to someone who's been through it. Plus I get to meet her new baby for which I can't wait. (Babies don't bother me, pregnancies do!)

Many thanks again you foul-mouthed ladies!


Anonymous said...

I never called myself a 'lady' so that means I can say poo bum when I want! Sorry if I upset you, I just know one long swear word combo always makes me feel a bit better. No cliffs close by to scream off so I just write swear words (please don't think I speak like that!!)

Kat said...

I wasn't upset at all! I thought it was excellent. Don't change your commenting style at all^^

marwil said...

Ha,not too long ago there was another blogger who didn't want to have any "I'm sorry" and such.. she requested your filthiest swear words instead. It was hilarious and very deliberating.

And I'm jealous of your meetup with a fellow blogger..

Anonymous said...

Fark yeah!

knitting vixen said...

I am glad the swearing made you laugh- I just went back and checked your comments. There are some rather imaginative ones there I must say.

I totally get what you mean about babies being OK but bumps are a no-no. That was (and still is to an extent for some wierd reason) exactly how I felt.

knitting vixen said...

PS that question about red wine poo has to be the most random pub quiz question I have ever heard of... and I go to a fair few pub quizzes.

Sara said...

Green? WTF. Totally not true.

I laughed out loud about your noraebang proclivities. The last time I was at a karaoke bar, I chose Hungry Like the Wolf too, and sang it VERY loudly, despite the fact that I was there with members of a professional band who I did not know very well. It should have been humiliating (I'm not a good singer), but instead, it was awesome. Best karaoke song ever.

I'm glad that you're feeling better.

JustHeather said...

LOL! I just laughed at the swear/curse words coming out of everyone. Definitely funny to read.

And being from the US, I know the use of both swear and curse words.. I can't tell you if I used both or one more often before coming to Finland, but both work.. hehe