The story so far:

March 2008: Started 'not avoiding'

June 2009: Got married, really started TTC

February 2010: Spain: BFP!

March 2010: Spain: Discovered ectopic, had salpingostomy. Surgeon did lap and dye also - tubes blocked proximally

April 2010: Spain: Told need IVF

July 2010: Decided to go and get full STI checks: chlamydia detected and treated. This was not a surprise given the results of the lap and dye.

August 2010: Moved to Korea because IVF is about half the price of UK, and we can earn more to pay for it!

December 2010: Korea: Sperm anaysis

February 2011: Day 3 bloods normal; Semen analysis normal

March 2011: HSG (ouch) normal! Tubes patent!(see March 2010)

8th April 2011: IUI#1 Clomid 100mg. 2 follicles at 14mm and 22mm. Lining at 10mm Sperm count: ? Motility 99%... BFN

22nd April 2011: Started Clomid 100mg for IUI#2

30th April 2011: Converted to medicated timed intercourse cycle... BFN

May 2011: IUI#2 with Follitropin 75
2 follicles, lining at 10mm, motility 99%... BFN

June 2011: IVF#1 Short protocol. Gonal F 225 daily...